Today, in practice 116 with a team of grapplers, I met a man named Tate in our breakout sesh. We had been talking about character and he shared a couple integrity gaps with me without even breaking stride on his walk. He was walking the mountains in Utah and spoke with such clarity and conviction that it felt like he was walking beside me. Our first meeting and he’s telling me about his junk with the no bullshit filter on high. I believed him.

Yesterday, in practice 309 with a team from Choice, we met a woman who didn’t break stride as she told us about her prolific past. It got emotional and I believed her too. It was our first time meeting and her first BTL team practice with her peers. She let it rip, anyway.

Reputation is who others think you are. Character is who you are. Be who you are, friend. Sounds easy. Real. Hard. Work. Keep the right secrets. When you do something freakin’ magic, hold onto it. Don’t tweet, text, or tell anyone. Let it accrue inside of you. Hold onto it like it’s gold, because it is. When you do something petty, kinda shitty, step in it and make a mess of sorts, tell us about it. Don’t hide it when you’re late. Own it. Ask what you missed and make up for it.

We ended practice 116 with me asking Grappy to tell his team about this morning workout on the driveway. He showed up on time, but we started early. He missed the first three minutes of our 3PP. So, when the timer beeped three times signaling that it was over, he asked me what he’d missed. I told him he missed out on 150 push ups. So, he began to knock them out on his own. I counted for him and gave him encouragement/trash talk to keep him going. I tried to get him to quit. He would have none of it. You see, Grappy is a finisher. He admits weakness and holds onto strength. He keeps the right secrets. What habits are you building right now, friend?

You do not rise to the occasion, you fall to the level of your training. Are you leveling the hell up during this coronacraziness, or numbing down? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Lose the ability to bullshit, friend. Lose it. Choose instead to Live hard. Love harder…

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