Masters tip this…

I’m putting the finishing touches on my second read of Gladwell’s only book worth a second helping – The Tipping Point. He would have been wise to stop after one but something about publishers and the need for increasing popularity led him and many others to keep putting out pages.

I originally read The Tipping Point in 2002 when just starting BTL and was trying to figure out how to spread like a word of mouth epidemic. This book informed my most successful strategy – talk to my former CEO’s/Leaders of CompuServe and ask them to recommend me to some of their CEO friends. All my early clients came from this strategy, including Lockton Companies (our largest client today), which came from a friend (Grover) and fellow CompuServer (Bryan). BTL has spread by word of mouth ever since.

Your best bet for organic growth, friend, is the quality of your work. We do not tell others about garden variety service or support. We do not tell others about a product we like or a restaurant that was alright. We tell people about extremes, mostly about extremes to be avoided, btw. Only rarely do humans tell other humans about excellence and where to get it. Bet on you, friend. Invest most of your psychic energy in mastering your craft, not marketing your stuff. Masters are, and always will be, in short supply. Everyday deliver excellence to those you’re privileged to serve. Everyday deliver beyond your previous capacity. Masters never stop tipping toward ever increasing competence in their chosen craft. Masters tip this as a matter of fact. So, friend, remember this fact – your clientele reflect your level. Want better clients? Level the hell up today.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Masters tip this…

  1. Chet,

    I very much like Gladwell. I have an intellectual crush on him! I thought his most recent, *Talking to Strangers*, was very good. Have you read it yet?

    Do you listen to his podcast, *Revisionist History*? It’s my favorite part of him. If you haven’t listened before you should give it a try. He’s a great storyteller and many of his episodes linger with me after I listen.

    Have a good weekend! Jess

    1. I don’t listen to his podcast but have read all his books. His first was his best to me. His other books are good, not great. Still got something out of all of them, don’t get me wrong. Enjoy your weekend too…

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