Passion and purpose…

Nietzsche was partially correct when he said his piece about the power of knowing why you’re here – “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Here’s the missing element, friend, if you want to sustain a sense of purpose (a why) in work & life. Don’t miss this. This could be huge. Nietzsche, you see, kinda forgot about the power behind purpose. Show me anyone with a convicting sense of purpose and you’re gonna see some passion present. For most, the passion is driven by fear. This works for a season, two, or maybe more. The drive to prove the world wrong has fueled many a dreamer, as has the fear of losing. Anger gives many an edge, at least for awhile. Passion, you see, ignites and fuels purpose. You gotta combine ‘em if you want to break through barriers, self imposed or ones that others or the universe has put in your path. This is why we have passions & purposes as two critical elements to your BTL core. Make sense?

So, friend, what is fueling your sense of purpose in work and life? Are you getting tired trying to prove you have what it takes? Are you growing tired of competing to grab hold of just a little bit more when you can’t possibly consume all you’ve got? Are you as passionate about your pursuit, your purpose, as you were when you first began? Are you finishing stronger (see Joe D for an example)than when you started? Or, are you losing energy even when you’re getting further ahead? Slow down and sit with these questions for awhile. Slow down.

If you want a why that can bear any how, friend, fuel it with the only pure passion on the planet – Love. This is why when we ask our family, friends, and clients to author their BTL six pack core, we have them write their passions in the form of “love to’s.” You see, we believe you and I were designed by The genius creative of all time and He designed us out of love and for love. You, it only makes sense, are gonna sustain your unique purposes when fueled by love, by your love to’s. For many of us, the last time we invested in cultivating our love to’s was long ago. We’re responsible now, you know. We get stuff done and take care of others. There’s no time to fill our own lungs or lives. So, out of fear, or some misplaced sense of self, we put it on others and become, as Ayn Rand would describe, “second handers.” You’re not meant to love nostalgically, friend. You’re meant to love God, love yourself, love people, and, yes, even love your labor. Yeah, baby…

As you write out all your love to’s, friend, more is more. If you love watching the sunrise, then find some time to actually get up early and take it in. If you love walking in the woods, the same. If you love whatever it is, write it out and figure it out (FIO). FIO. Figure out how to inject a bit more love – you’ll see the difference. The more you bathe in love, the more energy you’re gonna feel and actually possess. The more you possess, the more you can give away. Life, remember, is an energy management problem. Fill up on God’s pure petrol. Fill up on Love. You and I are meant to overcome all kinda obstacles along our way. Nobody said it was gonna be easy. Life is hard. And, life is worth living as an Opus, as a labor of love. Hard labor you and I will disdain as we tire. Hard opus you and I sustain as we perspire. Fact.

He/she who loves their why can endure nearly any how. Do you? Good…

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