The mentally strongest, we’ve discovered, measure progress looking back (root of self esteem) and dream big about the future (aim of opus) Got it. What about the present? What do the mentally strongest do in the moment? Well, that’s rather simple to describe – they make the most of it. Whether given much or given little, whether enjoying victory or down in defeat, sickness or health, youth or elderly, work or play, labor or leisure, in the company of dear friends or surrounded by mortal enemies, the mentally strongest live hard and love harder. You see, friend, the mentally strongest among us understand that this present moment is a gift from God, it’s sacred. So we do not waste it worrying about the future or ruminating about what just happened. Nope, no point in that.

The mentally tough live hard and love harder. Do you?

The best way forward, friend, is making the most of the present. I mean come on man, you understand it’s a gift, right. Why else would we call it the present? We all know this but only the mentally toughest among us actually live like this. Most humans are too caught up in keeping others happy, in fitting in with their team, and in just keeping up with the chaos, to do what it takes in everyday MOT (moments of truth). You see, to be present, you’ve got to pre-load your response to all the bullshit you can’t even anticipate is coming your way. You don’t want to waste your day, it just gets away from you, right? This is because you’re weak in your BTL core. Your strong core is where you pre-load your most precious, so in MOT, you just respond by being who you are. Simple, not easy.

Most humans haven’t taken the time to figure out their most precious, so all kinds of good opportunities fill up their days. Most just take it as it comes and live by default, not design. Life comes at us all at the same rate of speed, just so you know. You are not special, friend, nor are you a victim. Time operates the same for all us. Fact. So, if you want to make the most of the gift of this present moment, it’s going to take more than telling yourself to “be more present.” You must learn to actually be present. You must learn to let your yes be yes and your no be no, right grapplers? You must learn to align behaviors to beliefs instead of rationalizing the other way ‘round. You must learn to keep reaching for better when winning or losing. You most learn to choose acute pain over chronic. You must learn to resist impulse. You must learn to live hard and love harder. The mentally tough make the most of the present moment as a habit of the heart – they know what is most precious. Do you?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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