Because I believe…

The hardest truths are not complicated. The hardest truths are simple, not easy. This early am I held up a mirror to illuminate a blindspot in another human being that is paying me to build into them. I did not go easy on them. I rubbed their nose in something they’ve been avoiding for quite some time. You see, this human being has not built a strong core. They are weak. They don’t believe. This is why they’ve been playing small when others see greatness in and through them.

Your experience with your former employer is not what’s stopping you. Your Father’s lack of belief is not the root of your misbehaving. Your best friends betrayal is not the straw that broke your back. Your weak core is why you’re knees have buckled. Buck up, friend. Buck up. Build within. Never stop. Eradicate the self limiting beliefs that are spreading like cancer cells (it’s what they do) and serve no good in your system.

I am my own worst enemy. You are yours. If you want to become BTL you’ve got to believe. Simple, not easy. Develop the daily disciplines to build a stronger sense of self. The stronger my belief in me, the clearer and more authentic my opus. You cannot author anything authentic “out there” until you have crystal clarity in here – in your BTL core. Everyday, I remind myself who I am, why I’m here, what I stand for, and where I’m going. I do all of this before my feet touch the carpet as I roll out of bed and put my left foot down first and then my right. I stand up straight and remind myself to attack my day with full belief and ever increasing humility. I ask God for help and then I walk into practice one fully believing that I’m a builder about to get busy building a better human. I let it rip because I believe. How ‘bout you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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