Unite us…

You and I are a beautiful mess, so it only makes sense that whatever community we’re a part of it’s going to be a struggle to unite and much easier to untie. You and I must practice giving the gift of understanding in the midst of being misunderstood. Simple, not easy.

The gift of BTL team practice is giving the gift of time – time to think, time to connect, time to become and time to sense you belong. Today, I gave the gift of practice to a team of teams that is practicing toward the aim of becoming all one. Oneness, remember, is the heart of performance in work and life. Oneness doesn’t come easily within one, much less with another, or many others unlike you and unlike me. We know oneness when we sense it, when we feel it, and when we experience it firsthand. We know oneness when we know who we are, accept who others are, and come together to do something we both think is worthwhile. God ordained this coming together to accomplish something and He said it was good. God named it labor, but not just any kinda labor. God named you and me His labor of love – His great work – His Magnum opus.

All of us.

So, it only makes sense that our journey together as humans is figuring out how to be more inclusive and welcoming. As we create a sense of team and welcome “outsiders” into our homes, communities, companies, countries, and cultures, we become more, not less. And, as we come together, it only makes sense to do something good for us – for all of us. It only makes sense to use our limited time here to be good and do good, doesn’t it? Never easy. Jagged journey for sure but somehow worth the effort. Today, a team of teams came together. Some of the newbies led us. Some of the older ones too. We heard from many and our thinking was expanded, if we allowed it. We took a baby step toward becoming one, distinct and deeply connected. We made progress toward moving from a lone toward all One – one L of a difference. We made progress toward becoming more united and less untied. Unite us, friend. Unite us.

E Pluribus Unum, remember. Out of many – One…

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