Jim, Steve, and me…

Jim Gant is a warrior poet. Steven Pressfield (my favorite author alive) loves warriors and has made it his life’s work writing stories that move us to simply stand. Funny, huh.

Yesterday, Steve and I met for thirty kairos moments on the phone. He gave me great advice on my soon to be released book titled Becoming Built To Lead. He was humble and helpful beyond belief. He’s reading the book, writing the forward, and I’m beyond giddy learning from a legend. Thanks, Jim, for your belief in me and this work. Thanks, Steve, for taking the time to talk, for inspiring my study of the ancient Greeks. Thanks for teaching me about resistance and how to stand into it. Thanks for teaching me the power of words. En brera will forever ride shotgun with me, thanks to you.

So, friend, if you’ve not read Gates of Fire, start there with your study of Steven Pressfield’s work. You will want to read the The War of Art over and over and over again. Study. Learn. Apply. Study the Greeks, Rome, and early America. Study the height of human performance – Strong core, clear opus, and the daily discipline to PoP (playbook of productive action) it out. Becoming BTL, forward by Steve Pressfield, is some kind of freakin’ magic, at least to me. Jim, Steve, and me – together we transform. Always together. Thanks Jim and Steve for a little kairos. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Jim, Steve, and me…

  1. A BOOK??? This just made my day, I am so excited. Your work has been life changing for me!

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