Avodah literally means “work, worship, and service” in Hebrew, as Kitty shared recently with the BTL Band. Your work, friend, when done with an informed head and full heart is much more than just a labor or even a labor of love. Our work together is designed as an act of worship and service toward humankind. Our work, friends is sacred.

Today, perform your opus in service to your clients and as an act of worship to God. Today, let a sense of avodah inform your every hour. We do not have to work, friend. We get to work. We are designed to work and work is meant for our good and for the greater good. We are not all designed for the same work but there is some work perfectly designed for you. You know this when you allow your spirit to taste flow and lose yourself in avodah. When you and I lose ourself in avodah, we come out of it feeling more not less. Good work promotes a good tired. What do you feel after a full days work? Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Slow down.

You are not meant to labor in vain. You are meant for good work, work that literally means work, worship, and service to you. Becoming BTL is a journey toward avodah for you and me. It’s work, make no mistake about it. It’s the kind of work that you aren’t sure you want to start but once you do, it’s the kind of work you don’t want to stop. Avodah. Thanks, Kitty, for the reminder.

Live hard. Love harder…

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