Tension comes in many sizes and shapes, for sure. Here’s a root we’ve discovered in our study of high performance individuals, teams, and leaders. This may be worth contemplating for you. Here it is. Do not miss this. It could be huge…

Tension is rooted in who you think you should be. Calm is found in being who you are. Again, do you see why we invest so much time and energy helping our family, friends, and clients figure out who they are? Know thyself (Thank you, Socrates). Be yourself. Be good and do good (Thanks, John Adams). Tension thrives in a weak core. Calm resides in a strong one. Tense leaders communicate and the room feels out of control. Calm ones communicate and the room thinks more clearly about what it can control. Tension limits our senses. Calm engages them and clears our mind to that unimaginable sixth sense, doesn’t it?

Tension is the enemy of high performance. Calm enables it. What, leader, is coming out of you under pressure?

Live hard. Love harder…

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