Justice thread…

Every human is born with a justice thread. You see, friend, we’re wired for justice. This is why something inside of you quivers when you first witness a bully shoving a classmate of yours back in elementary school. Most aren’t strong enough then to do anything about it. Now, when the same thing happens to you, your justice thread screams for revenge. We hit back (if we think we can get away with it). We make things right, somehow, someway.

All of us have a justice thread and it’s overly tuned to ourselves. Only the strong resist the urge to get even. Masters in the art of living, recognize the early warning signals that they’re tweaked and slow down their racing, retaliatory brain. They take four square breaths and calm the %$&* down. Wisely, they choose their response. Simple, not easy.

Newsflash. You are not just. You have teammates that rub you raw. You have built up biases and a limited perspective. This is a fact of human nature. You have mental models that guide your decisions and have to know when to lean against them and when to lean into ‘em. You have to trust your gut and make the obvious, quick calls and know when to slow it down and ruminate a bit longer before being so rash. Real. Hard. Work.

So, what does the wise leader do? They look in the mirror, not out the window. They build within. The stronger your BTL core the more consistent you become in how you react to the input of life. Are you aware of your triggers? Are you working on how you react to people, circumstances, and obstacles that have historically tweaked your justice thread? If your aim is making things right, you’ve got to stop making decisions when you’re sideways. Straighten your justice thread, first, before you get busy reacting, retaliating, and enacting revenge. This is wisdom. Master this and you just saved yourself a bunch of pain, misery, and hours of repair.

Who tweaks your sorriness? Who is hard for you to give your ears? Write why. Come clean. Do you need to repair?

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