Mental health 201…

Here’s the BTL recipe for improving your mental health. We are not doc’s. We are, however, students of human nature. If you practice these disciplines, you will feel better if your struggle is unipolar depression.

1. Learn optimism. Read the freakin’ book by the same name from Seligman. It allows you to become aware of your explanatory style, the way you explain events to yourself. Master the A,B,C’s. Yeah, baby.
2. Widen your perspective. Study history and you will see that whatever you’re going through, it’s been gone through before. Study resilient examples.
3. Practice 7 good minutes. Talk. People go nuts alone. We need each other. Give the gift of understanding, you’ll get back more.
4. Get sunlight. You are designed to be outside and have your feet on the ground. Do this daily.
5. Eat food. Drink in moderation. Eat real food packed with nutrients. Avoid the middle aisles of the grocery, they are filled with processed bullshit – not food.
6. Practice gratitude. Start a gratitude jar and stuff it daily. Pray. Meditate. Do the calm app thing. Grab a hand and give more than you take. Give more. The more you give, the more you receive.
7. Love. Love is pure energy. Pet a dog, phone a friend, help a neighbor. Grab a hand and give more than you take. Give more and you will be blessed. Take more and you’ll be cursed.
8. Move. It’s almost impossible to stay in unipolar depression when you’re running everyday – too many endorphins. Move it.
9. Don’t sit on social media or technology for hours on end. Regulate your screen time. Less is more.
10. Build your core. Remind yourself of who you through routines you turn into sacred rituals. Live your opus. Start here. Never stop. Tighten this and guess what happens to the other nine?

Which are you avoiding? Which do want to know more about? What would you “and?” Slow down and reflect. Write. ACT…

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