It’s been ten years…

It’s been ten years…

Ten years ago, today, on August 1, 2010, Littlest Fricker sat me down at Northstar cafe and read me a couple pages out of The Primal Blueprint. I was enjoying a warm biscuit with butter and jelly at the moment he told me I was skinny fat. He was right. I was still in denial.

Remember, the brain goes three places when deciding what to do. First stop is denial. This is the default energy save mode setting. I was deciding to do nothing for years. Next stop is deliberate. Here we sort out our options, you know, I can do this, that, or the other thing. Most humans deliberate too long. The final stop is deciding. The trained brain decides on productive action. I was deciding to stay in denial, until Fricker threw the gauntlet down. So, ten years ago today, I decided to change my relationship to sugar and so I did. My numbers changed as did my mind. I now believe I can take on other engrained habits and build better ones. August 1, 2010 I could do ten pushups, one pull-up, and thirty second planks felt like a back breaker. Today we rode 45 miles and I pushed, pulled, and planked pain free. Chronic pain is replaced with acute. Peace is found on the other side. This I believe and now know to be true from my experience and dozens of our clients.

What chronic pain has you in victimhood, friend? Choose a baby step today and change your mind. Replace the chronic with acute. Yeah, baby. Live hard. Love harder…

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