Andrew Jackson…

Andrew Jackson was a lowly, Circuit Judge way back in the day, holding court in small, southern towns trying to make an honest buck. He would ride his horse into town, don his judicial robe and handle traffic court, so to speak. It was just a job, you know…

As the story goes, there was a rowdy causing quite a ruckus while young Andrew was holding court one day. The Sherrif couldn’t contain him and an entire posse was unable to take care of business. The rowdy was swinging his pistol and knife and threatening anybody that came near him. The third time the Sherrif interrupted Jackson’s dispensation of justice, he decided it was time to take matters into his own hand and strode out to meet the rowdy himself. “Surrender now, you infernal villain, or I’ll blow you through,” were the only words he spoke. The rowdy dropped his weapons instantly. Jackson went back to the courthouse and Hoss went to jail. End of story.

When asked why he held a posse at bay, but surrendered to Jackson, the rowdy spoke some ccd wisdom – “I saw shoot in his eyes. I saw shoot in nary any other eyes, so I says to myself, Hoss, it’s time to sing small and so I did.” Andrew Jackson was not a man of power, prominence, or in a position of local authority at the time. He was simply someone with conviction – shoot in his eyes. This, friend, is how you become the 7th President of the United States. His story is worth studying. Read Andrew Jackson, by H.W. Brands.

Do you have shoot in your eyes? Slow down and sit with this for awhile…

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