Hard things…

Today began for me a little over 12 hours ago. My alarm signaled the start of my consciousness around 5:28am this morn. Before my feet hit the carpet my ritual set me straight. I filled myself with gratitude and reminded myself whose and who I am. Coffee was on, tooth brushed and out into the darkness of the driveway. Music on as Kevin approached in the dark, followed closely by Slo. A tough 33 minutes of training followed. A bike ride of 48 minutes ended as the 8am hour approached with rapidity. A quarter past 8bells arrived with practice 121 with my favorite farmer and his team of grapplers. Freakin’ magic as truth rained down even though some of it was ugly, hard, truth. A trip to Grappy’s home was up next and then onto the leadership team of Lower. This team’s gone from under a hun when we started six years ago to 750 souls today. We got lit together until the clock struck noon. Back in my car it was a batoutofhellmode back to the barn in time for 12:45 kickoff with practice 270 with the k-dev krazies. Lit ‘em up too. More freakin magic with Frankee and friends. So good.

Time for some energy at 2bells and then back at it for practice eleven with a team just this side of heaven. I love soccer and this team does too. We had a fairly shitty practice too. Energy was low and my empathy was too. Did not feel good. No big deal. I’ve come to understand that this work is not about feeling, it’s about focusing on the facts and trusting the process. This team just got something stole from them and it felt like it. Practice twelve we’ll be back on track. My final practice just finished and it was a beauty with a client that I believe in. Btw, I believe in every, single, one of mine. How ‘bout you?

Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Today was hard opus and I loved every minute of it even though many minutes felt like shit. Life, remember, is about learning to do hard things well. Are you?

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