The rain was coming down as I opened the garage door this early am. Littlest Fricker was arriving and Mick was right behind him. Downer was on his way and even Grappy was driving over to meet us on the route. A 50 mile ride was happening and it was going to be good.

Downer would crash less than five miles in. His hip was hurt, a few choice words were spoken, and then back up and after it we went. Through Dublin and then Plain City, we rode with some rapidity and some spread between us. We rode through puddles, our shoes and shirts got wet, and we smiled even as Downer grimaced and kept pedaling. When we pulled into Marysville, Grappy was hurting and began asking me questions about how much longer. I told him we were in the third period and just keep pedaling. He knew I was lying. I trash talked about how much tougher golfers are than grapplers. We laughed as the legs and lungs fatigued. Laughter kept us going, friends. Finally we turned left on Blaney road and dry roads greeted us to take us gently back home.

Today was great training. We didn’t let a little weather stop us. None of us would have ridden by ourselves. All of us were glad we rode. Together we ride. Together we do hard things. Together we train. Together is simply better.

Together we transform. Always together…

2 thoughts on “Together…

  1. God Bless you guys!!!!!! Keep pushing!!!!!!
    Much love from the Pacific Northwest…..
    Be good. Do good. Be with.

    1. Thank you, my brother. Wish you could have been here with us. You would have loved the weather and the work. Sending you love from the midwest. Spread it to Haney, Ann, and all those great Scott’s…

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