Connect and accept…

Today, in an early am practice with a team of titans, one of the teammates put a proper bow on our time together. He shared the word of the day – connection. He was feeling less anxious and afraid because he felt less alone. He feels connection with this team and it’s deepening. He and this team are moving from a lone toward all one – One L of a difference.

Connected and accepted is the one you want. The norm is masked and masculine, at least in appearance. None of us is as strong as all of us. A pack of wolves can survive almost anything; a lone wolf, not so much. The enemy of connection is fear. The elixir is love. Are you building a team that is connected and accepted? Don’t trust your perspective a lone – go ask your team. Make it safe, stay curious, and begin the move toward all one, my brother/sister.

Slow down and connect and accept. Good…

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