A client recently told me that he felt like some of our practices are getting repetitive. I ripped him a new one without so much as thinking.

It was the right thing to do.

You see, friend, practice is repetitive by design. If you want entertainment, I get why you’re tired of watching the same program over and over. If you want distraction, I get why you want novel and new. If you want to get better, however, you’d better used to doing the same stuff over and over and over. Study any master and they marry the mundane. They find joy in repeating the process and tweaking the smallest of nuances. Masters understand that excellence is a habit so, of course, it is repetitive. If you are bored practicing your golf swing, you aren’t a pro. If you want to master the art of living, master your craft, master leading self, master leading others, then you are meant to learn to do hard things well. Welcome to repetition. Welcome to practice.

God, I love repeating myself…

7 thoughts on “Repetition…

  1. My entire life has been one “new” initiative or focus after another. My time with John and BTL has me repeating step after step on a daily basis, and I couldn’t be happier to repeat those steps. Don’t make the same mistake I did people!!!!

  2. “I ripped him a new one…’. Wow. Been there, received that. Many times. A big can of whoop-ass. Good. Thank you.

    One of my favorite Chet quotes, “If you want comfort, call your mother. If you want to excel, call me.”

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