Full trust to full thrust…

I write to remember. This morning was one to remember, friend. Work began at 6:19 AM when four OSU athletes and six old men grabbed heavy balls and bells and did core work for 44:44. We walked and talked for another fifteen and it was freakin’ magic. I learned about each athlete and loved getting to know those with whom I’ve chosen to suffer. A quick breakfast and into the car for an in person practice with Lower. As I turned onto Red Bank Hill Road, I called Grappy and told him to meet me outside his house (this was not planned). He asked what he needed. Nothing, was my ccd response. A couple minutes later, the passenger door flung open and Grappy was lacing up his tennis shoes as we turned right out of his drive. You see, Grappy trusts me. The feeling is mutual.

We drove and talked about his athletes that had worked it at my house and laughed about the blessing of being together even when we’re not. We walked into Lower and I introduced Grap to the group. I told him to tell this team how he’s leading his team through this time of forced isolation. You see, he can’t go to work at his office and can’t go to work working out with his wrestlers. So, for the next sixty minutes, Grap mesmerized them with hard truth about chosen and unchosen suffering. I’ve heard this rant of his a thousand times by now. Never. Gets. Old.

He and I are growing old but not tired together.

A few tears were shed. Emotions were real and raw. We loved every minute of it. Back in the car by a little past noon and on our way to our next team practice with k-dev krazies – this one via zoom. Zoom is not live. Not. Even. Close. The emotional connection is missing when we’re virtual, friend. Sure, it’s really good to be with your team via tech. It’s just not the same as being with. We laughed and loved every minute with Bk and his krazies. We connected but it was not the same as human touch. You and I are fatiguing from a lack of human touch, whether you’re aware of it or not. You are designed to touch and feel your way through life. Figure out how to integrate more touch into your tour de isolation. Maria was moved by Grappy’s message and couldn’t wait to tell him about it after Lower practice 64. She shared a mutual friend story and shook Grappy’s hand like she meant it. He and I both laughed at the power of a sincere hand shake. Your team needs your touch, leader. I’m not telling you to do anything crazy or outside your coronacrisis comfort. Figure it out. Figure out how to build more trust so your team can go full thrust. Trust precedes your team reaching it’s potential. We only go full thrust when we sense full trust, first.

Full trust precedes full thrust. Want a better team? Figure out how to build deeper, more authentic, trust. Figure out how to be with your teams. Go. Be. With. Full trust precedes full thrust. Slow down and sit with this truth for awhile. Slow down.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Full trust to full thrust…

    1. Thank you so much, Jim. It was a beautiful moment. Wish you could have been there. It would have beautiful to cry with you, my friend…

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