Stage 7…

Today is stage 7 of the Tour de France both for the professionals in France and the amateurs riding with me on the Peloton. We have 55 riders getting after it. Some are putting up staggeringly high outputs. Some are not. All are getting stronger. I’m most impressed by the courage of those who haven’t a chance at getting on the leaderboard but continue to find the will to push through the pain.

You see, I believe, life is about learning to do hard things well and learning to do them together. Together we transform, not by taking life easy or going it a lone. Together we transform by doing hard things and helping one another along. Today, I rode with Doscher and Krit. We video chatted and my heart soared seeing them. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to see some of you. If you have a Peloton bike and want to do more than you think you can, get off your ASS and join the tourdeisolation. We welcome all riders and have newbies joining almost everyday. It’s not too late. Join us. Get your ass kicked and smile while doing it. Tomorrow we hit the mountains. I used to dread going uphill until I went to France with friends and fell in love. Now I love going slow and taking the look to the left and right. I soak in the beauty and make peace with the beast. I love what I once loathed. God, help me live, learn, and love well. God, help me live hard and love harder.

Live hard. Love harder…

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