Fail not failure…

Yesterday was another fail for me during our tourdeisolation peloton race. We’re mimicking the Tour de France as best we can on the Peloton bike. I’m having a poor showing personally and still enjoying the experience because it’s time I get to share with our daughter, Krit, and with a few friends. Krit and I talk more during these races than any other. Funny, huh…

So, yesterday the lungs stopped me well before the legs. I missed a PR (personal record) ride and missed my PWR (power to weight ratio) target of 3.0. The numbers don’t lie and yesterday mine were 2.92. Fail. Today is another race and it’s going to be our ninth day in a row of chosen suffering. Regardless my score, today will not make me a failure anymore than today will make a failure out of you. Embrace the fail, friend. Treat more of your attempts as pass or fail and stop tying too much identity to temporal pursuits of pleasure or pain. You are more than your profession, passions, or personal relationships. You are a child of God, I believe, and not a mistake even though you and I make plenty of missteps along our way. Do not lay down. Do not stay down. Fail. Learn. Love. Level up. We mostly fail our way forward. 

What do you believe? When was the last time you reminded yourself whose you are? What false identities have you feeling like a failure when you fail? Slow down and root your real identity while uprooting the rot…

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