A.V. Hill has forever ago preached that fatigue is muscular. This is the why behind VO2 max testing, heart rate monitoring, and lactic threshold measurement. He believes the key to increased stamina lies here. He’s not wrong, but he’s far from right.

Enter crazy dude, Noakes. He believes fatigue is mostly due to emotion. Our mind governs our muscles and most of us have weak governors (this is a literal and figurative truth :)). Racing the Peloton during our Tour de France edition has taught me a great deal about my fatigue. Here’s the readers digest version.

As soon as we hit send and the manuscript went off the the publishers, for hopefully the final time, I went over to the Peloton to race on Tuesday. I was drained and decided to just ride. My mind, however, was free from the weight of the book. My legs took notice. Lungs too. As I took a look at my output my eye’s did a double take. I had been riding like a dog for days and yet suddenly there was more power in my pedal stroke. The ride would end with a PR. Shocker. The next day? Same thing. The day after that? Yup. Today? Another PR (personal record).

Increasing power, VO2 max, lactic threshold, and improving your pedal stroke all matter. Your mind matters more. Fatigue is emotional. Don’t believe me, read Goggins Can’t Hurt Me. Good.

Now. Go push push. Ride. You can do more than you think…

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