Willpower is not what you think it is. Most of us assume willpower, or our lack of it, is a reflection of our character. It is and it isn’t, friend.

Yes, you are what you repeatedly do. And, when you have more than one mess in your working memory your ability to resist impulse is diminished. This past Peloton tour was a classic example for me. Until this past Tuesday, my book was the primary mess in working memory. So, when it came time to take my fight to the bike, my muscles took flight instead. I could not muster up the will to pain. My heart raced, muscles fired, and the governor shut systems down prematurely. Book finished? Mess cleaned. Mind cleared. My will to pain returned. Performance peaked.

Willpower is limited. Tell your brain where you want it most and understand bright boundaries help more than beating yourself up. Nuff said. What are you thinking?

Live hard. Love harder…

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