You never told me that…

Never say this to a teammate or a loved one in response to them saying something complimentary to you. Instead, tell them the truth. If you’ve never heard them say what they just said, tell them something like “That’s so kind of you to say a,b,c., I’ve never heard this from you before.” The first response puts the teammate on their heels; the second one, not so much.

You see, “You never told me that,” feels like an attack even when it’s not. “I’ve never heard this before” is an admission that you’ve not heard them. This puts the onus on you to do a better job listening and oozes humility. This is a turn toward. Master connectors turn toward. Pick your words wisely, leader. Your words are weighty. Never forget this fact. I’ve told you this before, you may or may not have heard it. Make sense?

Write what you’re thinking. Where do you need to master the turn toward in your work/life? Pick a target. Baby step. Good…

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