A dear friend recently told me he thought I ought to reconsider how I’m working out. He’s heard and seen some of what we do in the 3PP and is afraid it’s not sustainable. He’s right – it’s not.

Nothing is sustainable, friend. I can’t play tennis the way I once did. Same with basketball. My left hip doesn’t like the quick cutting motions. If I were to go out and run up and down the court with the Lady Buckeye’s, after a few trips my left hip would be screaming “THIS isn’t sustainable, dumbass!” So, I do what I can and laugh about what I no longer can. Laugh, don’t loathe. Laugh, don’t leave. Laugh, don’t let go.

Laugh and do what you can.

The recipe for continuing to move well past your prime, is to not stop doing what you can. Know your body. Know your limits. And. Push. Them. Thursday we finished strong as we did 45 minutes of kettlebells. Stupid. Someday, I’m certain, we won’t be able to sustain a workout such as this. Today is not that day. Your problem, friend, is you don’t know what really good acute pain feels like. Most of us are so accustomed to the dull, chronic pain we stop making ourselves do what we still can. Do what you can. Hang out with those who make you do more, not less. Of course it’s unsustainable.

Someday. Not today. Good…

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