Major Taylor…

I’m reading a new book for the first time in a long time. 2020 has been the year of rereading and rewriting for me. I’ve been rereading as a discipline and rewriting my book Becoming Built to Lead for seemingly forever. One of my nutcase clients (they’re all nuts to different degrees) recommended the book The World’s Fastest Man, by Michael Kranish. It’s the story of Major Taylor who was arguably America’s first Black sports hero. Only twenty five pages in and I’m loving it.

Once this one’s in the books, however, it’s back to rereading. C.S. Lewis was right. It takes six reads to understand a good book. Stop the fixation on new, friend. Reread, rewrite, redo, repair, reflect, reenergize, and remind yourself – the more you learn – the less you know. Embrace the paradox. Masters, remember, are masters of the mundane. Major Taylor was. Are you?

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