Solitary practice…

Becoming BTL and mastering the art of living is the definitive “stretch goal.” I mean, come on man, none of us ever arrives. So, if excellence is your aim remember this. The most reliable predictor of greatness hasn’t changed much in the history of time. What is it, you ask?

Hours of solitary practice.

Yes, together we transform is true. We need each other to push, prod, and pull one another up to whatever dizzying heights is our aim. And, we must embrace the pain and suffering of going it solo too. The elite train, oftentimes, in isolation. Most of my best training is done in this cozy office of mine where I read, write, and reflect on the road to mastering this work we call BTL. Band practice with the fellow Builders is freakin’ magic once a week. Team practice with my clients and one on one practice is as well. I learn so much from my peers and paying clients.

I study, learn, and apply, however, mostly by myself. I train mostly alone. I prefer “being with” and yukking it up others. I love the camaraderie of suffering. I love green lighting and finishing projects together. The grind to get there is the tourdeisolation, friend.

Slow down and study your training. How many hours do you train when no one sees? What’s your most precious?

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