Today, during a transformational team practice, we practiced 7 good minutes toward one teammate. We got curious. He got raw and real. He answered the first question with courage and vulnerability. It just kept getting better and better. We bonded as brothers.

Remember, leader, we are wired to stick it to the Man. When we see our leader as raw and real, however, we are overcome with a deep desire to stick with them. We do not think less of the leader who shows us their underbelly. We do not stick it to them because they’ve become human. We stick it to the Man. We stick with the HUman.

Are you keeping the right secrets with your team? Slow down. Come clean. Good…

1 thought on “Secrets…

  1. Chet, it was through the incredible teammates that I had that I was allowed to be pure and true. The relationship I had with my teammates was a circular cycle of trust, love, bond, and hardship – over and over and over…any member of my team could have taken over in a heartbeat if necessary. It was made possible through all of us – collectively – opening up ourselves to one another. Both personally and professionally.
    Do good. Be good. Be with.

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