Talk does not…

Talk does not cook rice now does it (Thanks, Rich Reda). Talk is talk. Science is real. Water is life. Sorry, I lost my mind for a moment…

Yesterday, during a one on one practice with one of my newer clients, we found flow and lost track of time. We talked about the power of core and CORE work. I showed him the seconds pro timer (Thanks, Mark Henderson) and a preview of SEAL Saturday on my driveway. I showed him a few of the core exercises we planned to perform this early am.

Today, five men didn’t talk. We worked our cores for 1:15:15. It was real, hard, opus. We’ve come to love strengthening our core even though it’s hurts to do so. We hurt to help. We hurt to heal. We hurt to enable ourselves to do other hard things. We choose this acute pain to eliminate the chronic.

You and I only get better by doing. Stop thinking. Stop talking. Here’s some ccd truth. Bullshit artists talk a good game. Masters in the art of living, do more. Good opus, Jiggles, showing up and getting your ASS kicked this morning. You can do more than you think. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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