Yesterday I shared the stage with PJ (Kary Oberbrunner) at his Igniting Souls conference. There were 25 souls in person and hundreds upon hundreds there virtually. PJ interviewed me for 45 minutes and we took questions from the audience. It was opus even though I normally avoid such moments.

It was opus because of who I was with. You see, PJ is one the souls that got lit up becoming BTL. He thought he wanted to leave the Church and join the band. We thought (and I mean we) he would be better on his own. He’s built his own tribe and it’s huge, just the way he wants it. He’s written book upon book (Unhackable, his latest, released yesterday). He’s published thousands of books for others, including Grappy. He’s publishing mine this December. He’s living the dream, his dream. I was some small part of getting it going. So, yesterday, we talked about it and a few other topics of his choosing. It was a great, kairos moment for me.

Who are you pouring yourself into, leader? Who are you igniting on the path to their opus? Your job, if you’re a leader, is to reproduce leaders. Are you?

1 thought on “PJ…

  1. It was great to hear from you on our Igniting Souls Stage. You have pushed me and have no idea the ripple of your “Tour de Isolation.” Thank you for making me do what I could.

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