Today, during practice 70 with a team who is committed to excellence, we invested a couple hours learning about the science and faith around fatigue. You see, friend, your fatigue is as much about your belief system as it is about your exertion. Think about this for a minute, will you. How many of you are feeling fatigued these days? Look around you, there are lots of folks growing very tired during this coronacrisis.

How many are tired from exertion? How many are tired from draining emotions?

The truth is most fatigue, today, is from emotional drains vs physical strains. Most fatigue is due to what we perceive about our problems vs the actual problem itself. Most fatigue is from forecasting our future and feeling out of control. Fact. So, friend, slow it down. Live your CORE aimed at your OPUS. Focus your full attention here. You control you and you control your PA toward your aim. When fully focused here, the past is history and the future energizing. Do not allow your drains to deplete you. More “love to’s.” More labor of love. More PA of your choosing. The result will be more energy, less fatigue – you’ll see.

Excellence requires physical exertion fueled with positive emotions. Live here. Learn to do hard things well. Life, remember, is an energy management problem. I feel better already. How ‘bout you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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