Legacy is not as much about what we leave behind in terms of words or wealth as it is about what we do while we’re here. You may transmit great words on your deathbed or in a letter you’ve left behind. You may transmit great wealth with a properly written estate plan and will. You may not have taken the time to transmit either of these. You may not have the means. You may not have lived long enough to gain the wisdom, words, or wealth. You are transmitting, anyway. Today you are transmitting by your actions. Those around you will remember you for what you did more than what you said. We will remember your work (especially if it’s opus) more than your wealth.

Today is part of your legacy. Transmit good work. Transmit good work at home, in your community, with your charity of choice, and within your place of commerce. You transmit mostly by what you do. Get in the habit of doing more than you say, not the ever popular – saying more than you do.

Leave a legacy of productive action, friend. Do more than you say. Be good. Do good. Be with. Live hard. Love harder. That’ll be enough…

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