The year was 1949. The place – The City of Angels. A young, tall, lean President of a small college was setting up a huge circus tent but he had no animals. His tiny band of builders were busy laying down sawdust, laying out folding chairs, and laying it all on the line with the hopes that somebody would come. They announced their presence and intent to all the major media outlets – nobody wrote a word. Nobody, it seemed, gave a rip. Undaunted, this man on a mission simply carried on. Each morning he would get up early and work well into the night. The first few days hardly anybody came and next to nobody noticed. As their first week came to a close a few more began to show. It always begins with a few…

Week two was to be their last in LA but momentum dictated they change plans. Something was happening and this young man could feel it. He huddled his team together and called an audible – we’re staying on a bit longer team, he told them. Everybody high fived and got back to work. The tent scene in LA wasn’t a circus. The ringleader wasn’t employed by Barnum & Bailey. In 1949 Billy Graham was just getting started in living out his opus. His pivot point was the 1949 LA Crusade where the world took notice.

It almost didn’t happen. He came close to giving up but instead kept working. He backed his belief with his unbreakable mantra of keep working and so he did. Whatever you’re chasing in your work and life, it would help you to remember that nothing worth possessing has ever been given. You have to labor even in pursuit of your opus. Obstacles either build or break. Use them. Become unbreakable.

Keep working, friend. Keep working…

3 thoughts on “Unbreakable…

  1. Great reminder, Chet! I had a chance to visit the Billy Graham museum a couple years ago. It was awesome and they had a replica of the tent and I had a chance to watch some of this preaching from LA where it all started. It was a transformative experience to say the least. The museum is awesome.

  2. Speaking of unbreakable, the hero of the book & movie Unbroken Louis Zamperini came to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and received his LORD and Savior at that very crusade with Billy.

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