Practice makes perfect is another lie we were told as kids. I practiced golf like crazy growing up and yet my game, especially my swing, is miles from perfect. Here’s why. I practiced swinging a club that was too heavy. I practiced dropping the club at the top, and letting my weight transfer beyond the inside of my right foot. I practiced bad habits with such commitment they became engrained in my muscle memory. I got really good at grooving some really bad swing disciplines. Here’s the truth. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Perfect practice make perfect. Now I get it. We are made to be perfectionists. Or, are we made for a purpose? As we make our CORE purposes our focus, we gain energy to keep going, and going and going.

Purpose practice is a tidy little village with lots of activity and hustle yet all the while calm and peaceful. I believe, purpose practice leads to our dream. When you and I practice with a purpose, and that purpose aligns with our CORE, we get fired up! Now practice has meaning, something I’ve been searching for all along. As we leave perfect practice for the village next door, we find ourselves calm and peaceful while at the same time focused and intense. We are ready to go to work and get better. We are ready to produce results that we didn’t think possible. For the first time we are starting to understand that “done so” isn’t just bad English, it’s a recipe to move us in the direction of our dreams. Building sustainable results will take hard work in large doses. Hard OPUS we sustain as we perspire, hard labor we disdain as we tire. Slow down. Reflect.

If you want to better understand done so – check out Blood and Thunder, by Hampton Sides. Perfect…

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