Righteous anger…

We are blind to what we don’t see. Because we don’t see it, we oftentimes make the mistake of assuming it’s not there. When others attempt to illuminate what we’re missing, we give ’em triple d (defend, deny, destroy). I see this all the time. Recently, I purposely pissed off one of my clients. I had never seen him pissed. His teammmate had, and told me all about the triggers. My client was angry and shut down his teammate. He described himself as “intense” and passionate. His teammate described him as angry and scary. Remember, to your teammates, you are what they say you are.

Let that one sink in for a bit…

You cannot lead a team from your heart when your heart is filled with anger. You’ll hide your heart because you won’t want them to see how you really feel. You will wall off feelings and your team will know they’re missing something. They just won’t know what. And, sadly, they won’t know you. Not good. Weak CORE. Fact.

The greatest leaders lead from their heart. They trust themselves. They’ve built a strong CORE and trust it. These leaders get pissed about performance, not at people. Their teammates feel the difference. These leaders may be really demonstrative or california cool. The style won’t matter. The strong CORE will.

What do your teammates see when you’re upset about the nums? Do they connect with your righteous anger about performance or do they simply see somebody who is really pissed at people?

Tell me more, my friend.

Tell me more…

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