Your top five…

Your accomplishments in life are not your own, they are an amalgamation of the five people closest to you. Choose wisely. Your choices have consequences.

Today, Becoming BTL entered it’s final design phase. I’m not sure it’s ever going to be over. We’re close. Doscher and I were despondent earlier today about the last second culling that appeared to be our destiny. We chewed the cud. He calmed me down. I threw out an idea. He threw out five. I couldn’t visualize. He drew. We congregated with our editor/publisher. A plan forward established. Tomorrow we may be done so. A better looking book will be the result. A better book is all we’re after. We’re learning to do hard things well by doing hard things not so well.

Who makes you better? Do not surround yourself by default. Do so by design – high design. Your life is like a book. Are you worth reading?

Live hard. Love harder…

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