Energy bars…

The sun is shining and wind howling. Yes, I’m back in Kansas City. It’s a beautiful morning on the plaza, my latte is extra hot, the peanut butter protein bites are delish, and the service came with a smile (even though I could only see her eyes). My barista, you see, turned out to be the baker of my favorite granola bars. Amazing what curiosity can reveal. As we chatted briefly, it became clear all is not lost. There is hope they may make it back to production. Her bakery went out of business when corona-crisis crushed Columbia, Mo.

So, she moved here and moved on.

The demand for good tasting, affordable, clean, and delicious energy bars is still here. She simply has to figure out how to retool, recharge, and reinvent the production and distribution model. She’s working on it. She is hopeful. She is grateful. She is a great example of becoming BTL. She is still dreaming and doing even though she’s been knocked down.

They say the virus is adapting and coming back stronger than ever. Might I suggest we show it a thing or two and adapt ahead. My book was sent to the Publishers yesterday. It’s due to be available on December 2nd. One of my favorite days in the book is the one titled Hard. The message of Hard is to embrace the good life. You see the good life is not the easy life. The good life is the life well lived. This life is hard. Learning to do hard things well is what makes it good.

Play. Reach. Fail. Adapt. Move. Love on. Learn. Level up. Rinse and repeat.

Learn to do hard things well. Energy is found here. Energy bars too…

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