Driving across Indiana yesterday was eye opening. Every mile was lined with orange barrels from the Ohio border to Illinois. The speed limit was reduced from 70mph to 55. I can’t drive 55…

We saw no work being done. None. Nada. Nothing.

We see this condition everyday in BTL practice. Many practice participants are like the state of Indiana. They’ve got the orange barrels out and are slowing everybody down. The problem is there’s nothing going on. Your job is to be under construction, friend. This requires work. Looking like you’re working doesn’t count. Passive aggressive doesn’t work. Only performance aggressive leads to performance. Yesterday was another great reminder of a state of mediocrity. Do not prepare the road for your team friend. Prepare them for the road. Put out the orange barrels and then do the work. Yesterday, Indiana looked good but nothing was going on. How ‘bout you?

Live hard. Love harder. Do. The. Work…

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