Cold shower…

I’m taking a cold shower after my normal, steaming hot one. It took five clients to convince me that the WHM (Wim Hof Method) was something I should try. I’m not easily swayed, kind of like a mule.

You are mule like too.

If you’ve been reading these rants for any amount of time you know we are here to awaken, challenge, and transform. Most of you are resisting the first awakening because it takes your breath away when you begin to realize you don’t know who you are. So, instead of breathing through the shock to your system when you look deep inside, you’ve gone back to your warm sense of self, albeit mostly informed by others. You are sleep walking.

What are you waiting for? Have you authored your W.I.P. (Worldview, Identities, Principles)? When did you last rinse? When did you identify an integrity gap and close it down? Wake up. Embrace the cold shower. Keep doing the work within. After a week or so, you’ll be a little clearer and cleaner within. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Cold shower…

  1. Love it. Big fan of Wim Hof and the cold showers. An old soccer coach of mine used to have us take them before games. It shocks your system and gets you in a solid state. Kind of like BTL 😊

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