No bullshit…

Yesterday, during practice 71 with an elite team in Kansas City, we got into a fight – a good fight. We fought to improve performance, not prove a point. This team struggles with truth, yours does as well. So, yesterday, I threw myself at a number of strong souls with the aim of agitating them upward. I’ll never know if it worked. No bullshit. Fact. Lead anything and get comfortable not knowing…

Your aim, if you’re a leader, is to be a catalyst for growth. Your job is to make those around you do more than they think. Your job is to fight for right. Fight but not struggle. Fight but not untie. Fight and unite. Yesterday, some fought with me and some were passive. Some fought themselves and some fought another. There was lots of learning available for those who engaged. Here’s two nuggets for your chewage.

Numero uno. Shared responsibility is no responsibility. This team shares a lot of responsibility when holding each other accountable. SEAL buddies work for a reason – sole accountability. You are responsible for one SEAL.

Dos. Frequency trumps quality when it comes to touches. Translation. As a leader the more frequent your touches with a teammate the better chance you have at oneness. Study the teams with chemistry and you will see a history of short, true conversations. It doesn’t take long to tell another hard truth. It doesn’t take long to listen to it either. Waiting until your quarterly touch base is bullshit. Difficult words do not age well. Get them out. Same with good words. Don’t wait. Initiate. Spread lots of good news as it happens. Same with the shit. Don’t wait until it piles high and stinks to high heaven. Do something with this learning, leader. No bullshit. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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