Hell ride…

Tomorrow is the road to hell. Twenty one riders depart together at 7:07am EST on the bike that goes nowhere. We race against ourselves. Six races in a little over six hours. To stay in the race you have to hit 80% of your twenty minute best ride or 90% of your best ninety minute ride. Survive and advance. Race one is 90 minutes. Seven minutes of rest and then we race again. Eventually the legs will lock up, lungs will heave, kilojoules empty, and all that’s left is the will to pain. I’m hoping to make it through the third race. We shall see.

My brother in law is fighting for oxygen and wheelchair bound. Good friends of mine are fighting cancer. One of my dear friends is battling multiple diseases with no end in sight. Tomorrow I choose hell. As Grappy would suggest, it’s chosen suffering. I will ride further than I think I can. I will ride because so many I love are unable. I love learning to do hard things well. Physical, spiritual, relational, and professional. I love learning together with a few. Tomorrow we transform. Together. Always together.

Live hard. Love harder…

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