Hell no…

The twigs had an answer this morning when I called on them at 7:07 EST. Hell no was what they said. I knew the ride was going south from the first pedal strokes. I had done the exact 90 minute ride with ease only two days ago. Did. Not. Matter.

Hell no. Legs were done.

So we fought through the first race and came up nine points short. Wasn’t happening. Today I did a hard thing not well. This is part of the gig. Some days you do hard things well. Some days you don’t. The key to learning to do hard things well is to embrace this fact and keep giving it your best shot. There will be another race. There will be another challenge. There will be another test. There will be another hard thing I don’t choose but it’s in my path anyway. Hell no is temporary. Hell yes is the discipline. So, Hell yes I’m getting after it again tomorrow.

Hell yeah…

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