Just wind…

“If a man knows not to which port he sails no wind is favorable,” Seneca shared many moons ago. For too many of us, life is just wind. There is no port. Just wind.

Remember, a sailboat requires righteous weight in its keel to remain upright wherever is it’s aim. So, before you set sail, build deep within. Put ballast in your keel – your CORE. A clear OPUS, authored by your hands, provides a precise port for your aim and a scorecard to measure progress as you travel. Whether you work for some monolith or you’re out on your lonesome, you’re on the hook for leading you. Nobody but you can lead you. True back in Seneca’s day. True today. Many hands can and will help. You gotta set sail, decide your course, and keep going even when you face dead calm, or deep squalls.

Your problem is not your boss, brother, or bad circumstances. Your problem, if life feels like it’s blowing you this way and that, is you need to slow down, put proper weight in your keel, and set your course. Expect the calm and storm. Adjust accordingly whenever life blows you a bit off course. Keep sailing toward your port with a passionate purpose. You’ll see. It’s just wind, really.

Live hard. Love harder…

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