Vacuum, don’t sweep…

Afghan tribes live in a qualat where conditions are beyond primitive. There is no running water, latrine system, or HVAC systems of any sort. They have to perform real, hard, work to simply sustain what we tend to take for granted. The Afghan tribe covered in detail in my cousin Ann’s book American Spartan is the Mangwel tribe. They elect their leaders, however, much like we elect our’s here in the states – they vote. As Ann & Jim discovered, they vote their leader in on one primary character trait – the ability to resolve conflict wisely.

Want to increase your ability to lead your tribe in conflict resolution?

Practice mastering one skill, my friend. Practice tuning in like an animal being stalked. Practice listening for what isn’t said. Practice picking up signals normal humans don’t receive. Practice becoming a master connector by becoming a master listener. You see, your tribe may have tons of creature comforts, however, it also has unresolved conflict piling up beneath your beautiful rugs. BTL Leaders vacuum. Normal leaders sweep it under the rug. You are either vacuuming conflict up or sweeping it under. We could use a few more leaders like Noor Afzhal the Mangwel vacuumer extraordinaire. Be one, friend.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Vacuum, don’t sweep…

  1. Just finished this book, thank you for writing about it and leading me to it. It reached me in a couple of ways. I wasn’t quite ready for the gut punch of a tragedy, in ways, that it was. She’s a great writer who really relayed his story well. It also showed me, again, how important relationship building is. Lastly, it sparked some great conversation between one of my best friends and I, as he worked in a similar role in Iraq on his second of 3 tours there with the US Army. Thanks, Chet!

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