Seek and find…

As kids we used to play a fun, neighborhood game of hide and seek. Someone would be “it,” and the rest of us would run and hide as they counted to fifty as fast as possible. The winner of the game was the one who could not be found.

Leaders, oftentimes, are masters at this game when it comes to hearing hard truth about themselves. They hide. We seek. Does. Not. Work. Becoming BTL, leader, is about mastering the game of seek and find. Here’s how you play. Seek truth. Seek feedback you can use. Seek information not affirmation. Seek. And, find ways to turn your learning into PA (productive action). Becoming BTL is all about truth. The higher up you get in any system, the more fleeting the truth and more frequent the lies. Fact.

Seek and find. Bathe in truth. Truth sometimes hurts before it heals. Truth does not harm. Truth is the route to Oneness. You cannot become whole without understanding your hole. You have blindspots. Stop hiding. Seek truth. Slow down and sit with this one for awhile. Seek and find, friend.

Live hard. Love harder…

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