Today during practice 37 with a Lacrosse team growing closer, we heard one of their leaders lead by reflecting. We wrote. We talked. We grew closer even though we were miles upon miles apart. We learned that everybody loves meatloaf and that we get energy being with. And, we learned that the habit of the elite is to practice in isolation. In fact, the biggest predictor of greatness is the amount of hours invested in solitary practice. Of course, it matters a great deal the manner you habituate in practice alone or with others. Here’s an inescapable, hard truth. Slow down and let this one sit with you for awhile.

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

Make every practice as freakin’ magic as meatloaf. Make every practice sacred as if it might be your last. Make every practice filled with gratitude and aimed at greatness. Aristotle was right – we are what we repeatedly do. Practice makes permanent, friend. In MOT you don’t rise to the occasion, you slip to the level of your training (Thanks, SEAL’s). What are you making permanent?

Live hard. Love harder…

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