Our nature is to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt; others, not so much. Crazyneuraldoc’s have a name for this bias – The actor/observer bias. When we’re the bad actor we justify the behavior – I mean come on man, I was over served last night and didn’t mean what I said. However, when someone else’s words provide a paper cut to yours truly, I feel like you’ve cut me to the bone. This is how normal humans maintain a strong sense of self. This is not hard on self, not down on self. This is not hard on self, soft on others. This is soft on self, hard on others. This is the beginning of self delusion, not self actualization.

Look in the mirror. Stop the incessant search for another window. You don’t get better playing the compare game. You get better looking in the mirror and owning your stuff; out the window, not so much. Everyday someone wrongs you and me, or at least it feels like it. We have the choice to let the obstacle make us it’s plaything or laugh it off, realize we’ve done worse, and get on with living and giving. Who could benefit from you giving them some of the same bennies your prone to giving yourself? Go on, give ‘em a break. Write. Let it go. I feel better already…

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