Scorecard for significance…

Your scorecard for significance is the S to your OPUS. We don’t want our clients to use this scorecard to track the obvious wins like revenue, profit, and championships. We know most pay attention to metrics and understand they’re important.

Meaning, however, matters more.

So, it only makes sense we encourage our clients to track meaning more, hence the name of the scorecard. We think it best when what you scorecard you cannot control. For me, I scorecard client notes, emails, calls, letters, cards, and voicemails that inform me of their belief in this work and the fact that they’re becoming BTL. When these moments are created by family, friends, and clients, my heart fills, oftentimes to the point of overflowing.

Yesterday, my heart nearly burst as I had three epic scores. First an email from a man I’ve never met. He’s the father of one of the athletes we’ve trained in BTL practice for four years now. He took the time to write me about the impact our work has had on his son. My knees buckled. Tears of joy flowed unrestrained as I let my heart fill with love. Hours later, a text arrived with a picture of another friend from afar who I built into many moons ago. It was a picture of him in his office, working on himself, he had captioned. I thanked him for thinking of me. He responded immediately asking if I had noticed the background. I have a dumb phone, you can’t see much. So, I forwarded it to Miss and looked with anticipation as I enlarged her iPhone screen. Much to my surprise his bookshelf was filled with my new book. He had eight copies with two more coming. I had to call him immediately. He and his bride answered. They are giving the book to their young adult children for Christmas. I fell to my knees.

I don’t know book sales to date. I know Amazon has epic delays and Barnes & Noble online is your best bet. I know there’s next to no money in either of them. Do. Not. Care. Writing the book, just like our work, is a labor of love – OPUS. We, the BTL Band, have been rewarded with wonderful teammates, clients, and families who have fallen in love with their work through ours. I know this. I see the transformation all around me. Case in point – Bk. Bk has built wisely and he’s built well. He’s built equally well in work and life. It’s been a joy to be beside him for well over a decade now. Yesterday, he delivered a gift to my house. He’s the freaking CEO of the year for our great city of Cbus and he’s out making house calls himself. What leader takes the time to do what makes no cents? Bk, you made my Dad smile from his perch in Heaven. Thank you.

Thank you all for sending so much love my way this week. It’s been overwhelming in the best of ways. My cup runneth over. Score. Give the gift of love, friends. Give more. When you receive (and you will), let it in. Let the love in with zero filter. You’ll be full before you know it. In one week, we’ll celebrate Christmas with our family. I’ve already started thanks to you.

Live hard. Love harder…

4 thoughts on “Scorecard for significance…

  1. Beautiful.

    What is it that kindergarteners, boys & girls scouts, your favorite sports team and the military all have in common? Their measuring sticks are the stickers, badges, stars and stripes which incent, measure, honor and reward significance.

    At BTL, the Scorecard you want is your S-COREcard. It’s brought to you by Missouri – the “show me” state. Your Strong CORE lived out over time will birth the outcomes you dreamed about in your O-verarching Vision.

    Your BTL S-COREcard Of Significance (SOS) saves you from living a life without meaning and purpose. It saves you and frees you from judging yourself, your work & your life by other people’s scorecards. It sustains you as you perspire.

    SOS is the one you want. It’s our BTL shout out to a world lost in the mundane.

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