Most leaders hesitate in MOT (Moments of truth). They don’t trust themselves to speak truth in love, so they hesitate and wait for when the time’s right. Funny how time, right now, is so rarely right, huh. 

The truth is many MOT come and go because the leader hesitates out of fear. I’ve oftentimes told these leaders they whiffed and they agree. “I know, Chet, I know,” they will say. “I know I need to be tougher,” they share almost as a poor form of penance. Here’s how I’ve recently discovered to sear their sorriness. I tell them this hard truth – They don’t need to be tougher, not at all. They need to be truer. Truth in love, you see, is both tough and tender. In MOT it matters a great deal if you trust your heart and head enough to open your mouth and let truth spill out. The stronger your CORE, the less hesitation and the more the moment feels like Church/Synagogue or another virtuous, sacred space.

Truth does not harm.

Truth may hurt. Truth helps. Truth, eventually, heals. So, next time you think about hesitating in a MOT, remind yourself you don’t have to be tougher, only truer. What will your team look like when it bathes in more truth, especially more truth in love? You, leader, can handle truer. Lead a team toward being truer. Slow down and sit with this one for awhile. This was a tiny truth loaded with performance ramifications. Write.

Live hard. Love harder. Be Truer…

2 thoughts on “Truer…

  1. Excellent. I think you nailed it. In todays world you have to deal with the velocity and uncertainty in addition to the internal hesitation. It makes the CORE convictions even more powerful.

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