Chosen suffering…

Grappy’s book is titled incorrectly. It should be Unchosen Suffering. You see, just about anybody can handle adversity they choose. What buckles and breaks most humans is the suffering and loss they don’t choose. Grappy knows this firsthand with the unchosen loss of his son, Teague. He writes honestly about this in his worthy read titled Chosen Suffering. Read this one slowly and build courage for your climb.

This morning Blondie, Kevin, Pj, Slo, Jiggs, and I enjoyed the camaraderie of suffering in my garage for a little over 50 minutes. We finished by honoring our dear friend, jmo, who cannot join us quite yet. Jmo is a stud. He would be here if he could. He’s fighting cancer at the moment. Unchosen. He cannot choose to suffer with us. So, when the seconds timer beeped this early am, I told the boys we weren’t done yet. We did 99 jmo’s (jumping jacks, but he is the master so we named them such). We did 99 more. And, as the boys started to fail, I reminded them we get to do this and then we did 99 more.

Choose wisely, friends. Your choices have consequences. Our friend, jmo, is fighting well because he’s fought well his entire 62 years. He’s not a quitter or a whiner. He’s a stud and we love him. We honor his fight. We honor Grappy’s endurance. We honor all of you who are in the unchosen stuff at the moment. Keep fighting. Stop struggling. Thanks, Kyle and Miles for teaching me to keep fighting and stop struggling. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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