Day 2 (Why we write)…

I write for clarity. The more I write, the more ccd (clear, concise, and direct) my speech. I write in narratives because the brain remembers stories; fact and figures, not so much. I write my way and it’s a lot like I speak. I can almost hear myself as I look at the words I’ve written. I don’t write every once in a while or when I have time. I write every, single day. I write as a discipline. I write when I wake. I write as I read. I write during the day, during practice, and at the end of the day. I write for clarity. I write so my PA is not somebody else’s. I write so my PA aligns with my CORE and OPUS. I write so my Builder’s journey is exactly the hard climb I want it to be.

And, I do more than I think. Do you? This is why we write…

5 thoughts on “Day 2 (Why we write)…

  1. I write because for most of my life I’ve been concerned in one way or another with what others thought of me, my progress, my work. What a waste. I write to bring clarity to what I think about MY progress on MY path. I write to better understand His word. I write in order to understand where I’ve been and to clarify my next step of my pursuit. I’ve written for a long time, but with more honesty with myself it feels like I’ve just begun. I write to slow down, to really put myself on the hook and to influence me, first.

  2. I write to be more deliberate in my thought process. I write to slow the process. I write to reflect. I write to see and hear what I’m thinking…and feeling. I write to express my ideas, thoughts and emotions. I write to remember what I was thinking and feeling at that moment. I write to reflect, to see improvement and growth…or not. I write because it is not comfortable. I write to get it out there, to be exposed and vulnerable. I write because smarter people have said it helps towards clarity…and I find it does! I write because the gift of words is divine and should be practiced to perfection. I write because I can and must.

  3. I want to find clarity, so I write. I continually struggle to articulate my thoughts and find myself easily distracted while writing. Writing doesn’t always seem productive or important, but I’m choosing to trust the process. I’m currently NOT the biggest influence in my life, but I’m working to change this. The more I write, the more I realize how distracted I have become in my daily living, rarely giving any one single thing my full attention or focus. Multi-tasking is a lie, I know this, yet I still find myself dividing my attention. There is a big gap between knowing and doing and I am working to close this gap. It’s almost frightening as I have learned that my attention is currency, yet I’m often more cautious with how I spend my money than how I spend my focus.

    Having the proper perspective (Thanks Inky) has helped me in my writing. I’m not writing for a grade, to impress someone, or with the expectation of perfection. I’m writing to find clarity. Not worrying about how this sounds, my spelling (thank the Lord for spellcheck), etc. has proven to be challenging, but also very freeing. I’m writing to find clarity, plain and simple.

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